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Beekeeping techniques
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Mated queens

A partir de 25€ HT
Disponibility: June

Each year, we produce more than 5000 naturally mated queens dedicated to the sale. Those queens are coming from inseminated strains “Brother Adam” -Buckfast bee- selected from our production. They are fertilised in nuclei (Mini+ or Kieler) in a zone saturated with males. We generally start the collect 1 or 2 weeks after the laying.

  • The queens are provided with an identification card which indicates the grafting date, the pedigree and the lot number.
  • They are not clipped or marked.
  • The mated queens’ sale begins in May and ends mid-September.

2017 sale conditions & prices for the mated queens:

  • Minimum order: 15 queens
  • 2017 season Ht price: 25 € HT
  • 100% deposit is required for the definitive order. It is cashed at the moment of the expedition. The balance has to be paid at the reception of the queens.

Shipment prices

The queens are collected at the beginning of the week and posted on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The shipping fees in metropolitan France are:

  • 12.50 € HT for a delivery within 48h
  • 25.00 € HT for a delivery within 24h
  • Free for order of 50 queens and more. For other countries, ask us for a quotation before.


At the reservation, we will send you an estimate of the delivery date. The order will be on hold until we receive back this estimate signed and the deposit check.