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Maxi-Plus bee hives

"Maxi plus”, or “maxi +”, is our naming. It refers to the honey chamber’s size for Dadant 6-frame hives. It is twice the volume of a size "Mini +". The frames’ arrangement totally depends of your preferences. They can be placed according to the length or to the width.

A Maxi+ is made of:

  • 12 frames of type Mini+ in a warm way,
  • 6 shallow frames in a cold way.

The Maxi+ is the transition between the small frame size and the size of a shallow frame. The same way as the 6-frame hive allows the change from a super-frame to a brood chamber.
Since 2012, the Maxi+ honey chambers (in a cold way) are the only size we are using.


  • A 6-frame honey chamber including the queen as well as the brood frames,
  • A queen excluder,
  • A stacking of honey chambers


  • The light weight,
  • The colonies’ dynamics,
  • The overwintering of inseminated queens is more certain compared to the Mini+,
     / Less sensitive to the drought occurring at the end of summer (still in comparison with Mini+)
  • A single type of frame (we removed the frames),
  • Increase the efficacy of the anti-varroa treatments on a horizontal cluster.


  • The reserves’ control,
  • Sensitivity to the cold related to the cluster disposition.

Moreover, it’s in 2013 that we achieved our first tests on Maxi+.

Behaviour maxi+

The different formats of hives used on our farm specializing in queen rearing and the swarms production

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