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The behaviour of our strain colonies

The lineage “strains” are inseminated queens that are used in the testing plan and/or in the grafting pool for the commercialized queens’ production. We recognize them with their consanguinity level, in other words their generation within the selection pattern:

  1. The pre-basic queens: they are a lineage in progress of settlement, notably by the inbreeding of the best lineages.
  2. The basic queens: they are obtained with the instrumental inbreeding of two complementary pre-basis queens.
    The colonies are brought on divisible hives, on 7 brood frames and reserves + 2 warm partitions + 1 feeding frame.
    All though the season, we take brood frames and their bees in other to keep the colony under our control, by limiting the vigorousness, which also means the queen’s laying.

The withdrawal of the graft frames for the royal cells’ production:

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